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Buying a Puppy is a Commitment for the Life of the Puppy/Dog for which you will be richly rewarded many times over by it's unconditional love, please give it the same.    
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HEAVENSENTPUPS.COM        Sellers Sales Contract/Guarantee

Breed:  __Shih tzu__DOB: ____________Gender: ____Male ____Female
Color: _______________Price: _______ 
Pet only no breeding ______ Full AKC with breeding rights _______

​ We will guarantee your puppy against life threatening congenital conditions that caused the death of the puppy for a period of up to 1 year of date of birth, no other guarantee is offered or implied. Buyer is responsible for feeding a high-quality puppy food diet, providing puppy with on time vaccinations, fecal checks, worming, vet exams, care and treatment as recommended by common veterinary standards. This health guarantee is non-transferrable. 

In the event of death buyer is required to mail the original signed and dated letter from Buyers Veterinarian on letterhead and all legible Veterinary notes, records, necropsy and laboratory tests results to Seller. Seller will have her Sellers Veterinarian review documents and make final determination with said diagnosis and contact Buyers Veterinarian at his/her discretion. Under no circumstances will a puppy be replaced if puppy was neglected, abused, injured or died of a preventable disease, vaccination reaction or condition that was not congenital. Due to the sensitive nature of the small Shih tzu buyer is hereby informed to not allow multiple vaccinations to be given on the same day or within one week of the next vaccination. Shih tzu's are very sensitive to the corona and leptospirosis vaccination as well as rabies. If your Vet recommends this vaccination, we suggest you get it as a separate single vaccination two weeks apart from the DHPP vaccination. It is also recommended not to give/apply other drugs/chemicals such as heartworm prevention, flea/tick prevention products within 72 hours of a vaccination in case of reaction or sensitivity. 

Seller will offer a replacement puppy as soon as available of same breed, gender and value as deemed by Seller if this puppy dies of a congenital condition uncomplicated by preventable or treatable illness if Sellers Vet agrees with said diagnosis. Necropsy is required to show congenital abnormality that caused the death of puppy. Seller does not give monetary refunds. Seller is not responsible for any Veterinary expenses once Buyer takes possession of the puppy. Seller cannot guarantee what the adult weight or color will be of puppy purchased or the ability to reproduce as an adult. This health guarantee does not apply to the sale of dogs over the age of one year of age. 

Buyer will at no time give, sale, trade, transfer or broker for sell this puppy/dog to any person, business or entity of any kind. Buyer will notify Seller if they are unable to keep the puppy/dog providing proper care for dog for whatever reason and return puppy/dog to Seller at buyer’s expense. Buyer will return, sign and transfer all AKC registry papers back to Seller along with Vet records, tags, microchip. Puppies sold as pet only (no breeding) are required to have them spayed/neutered by 7 months from date of birth and protected against any breeding before that time. Buyer will provide breeder with proof of spay/neuter within 5 days of surgery. Should breeding occur pup will be surrendered back to Seller at buyer’s expense along with any registry papers, microchip transfer, vet records all transferred to Seller. Should buyer breach this contract by give/sale/trade/transfer this puppy/dog or conceive any litter(s) when pup was sold as pet only or not spay/neuter buyer will be in breach of contract with a 5000.00 fee and be subject to litigation to recover animal(s) and damages at buyer’s expense of Sellers attorney fees and court costs in the county that Seller resides. AKC papers are only provided to pups sold with breeding rights.

Buyer agrees puppy will be kept inside their climate controlled home, provide proper nutrition, fresh water daily, collar and leash when outdoors unless in secured fenced area and all Veterinary vaccinations and care needed for proper care for their dog. Small breed dogs can be susceptible to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) if not free fed and eat at least 3-4 times per day especially as puppies or tiny dogs under 5 lbs. and/or while under stress whether by emotional, environmental or physical due to illness. It’s Buyers responsibility to monitor daily food/water intake. The smaller the puppy/dog the more frequent they need to eat to maintain their energy and not be overtaxed by over-playing, exercising or other stresses on the dog. Buyer understands the Shih tzu breed cannot withstand the environmental extremes of heat or cold left outside or an indoor environment.

Buyer agrees to sign and date this contract providing a signed copy to Seller when placing non-refundable holding fee or payment in full at time of purchase. Buyer will give, fax, email or mail a copy of signed Contract within 24 hours of first payment. Buyer understands payment is non-refundable. It is Buyers responsibility to read this contract prior to sending payment. 

Seller reserves the right to rescind the purchase of any puppy/dog for any reason, voiding contract at any time before puppy/dog is delivered to buyer. If for any reason Seller notifies Buyer that their contract is being voided any payments made by Buyer will be returned. If puppy should die before delivery Seller will offer another puppy in exchange at same value or return all monies paid by Buyer for said puppy at buyer’s choice. Should buyer choose a puppy of greater value buyer will pay the difference. Seller has the right to delay delivery of puppy if in Sellers and/or Veterinarians opinion puppy should not be delivered due to illness, underweight, age, lack of maturity or whatever reason Seller or Veterinarian deems would be detrimental to puppy until puppy is deemed ready to deliver. 

Buyer agrees to make payment in full by the time puppy reaches 8 weeks of age. Buyer agrees to a non-refundable minimum holding fee of one third the purchase price to put a hold on puppy/dog for purchase. Buyer agrees this is his/her commitment to purchase a puppy/dog and that paying any monies toward purchase of puppy/dog Buyer does not have the right to cancel transaction. The reason for this policy is so Buyers understand their commitment to this puppy and Seller. The puppy’s value and marketability may decrease as it gets older and Seller could lose potential buyers while this puppy was kept on hold for you causing buyers to buy elsewhere. Buyer is required to have the puppy Veterinarian examined within 48 hours after delivery and report findings to Seller in writing within 24 hours or health guarantee is null and void. Buyer agrees to keep all information regarding transaction confidential between Buyer and Seller only. Buyer agrees that any issues or litigation of any kind or nature regarding said puppy dog will be settled in the City/County/State where Seller resides. Buyer will be responsible for all attorney and court fees.