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Puppy Dog Application 

If interested in one our beautiful puppies please fill this out this questionnaire completely copy/paste into an email to [email protected].  This is required for all persons purchasing a puppy/dog.  Please note that all questions must be answered before being considered for purchasing or viewing our pups.  Puppies cannot be viewed until after their first vaccination for their protection.  

City:                        State:                            Zip:                   
Contact Phone: 
Age including spouse: 

Do you work outside of the home, if so for how long? Is there anyone that will be home with the puppy? 

Do you own or rent your home?      

Do you live in an apartment?  

Which puppy are you interested in? 

Do you want a male or a female? 

Where did you hear about our puppies, puppy ad, referral, if referral from who?

How many children are in your household and their ages?

Where will the puppy/dog be kept?

Do you have a fenced yard, if so what size, type of fence?  

Do you own other dogs or pets, if so how many, what breed?

Are they spayed or neutered? 

How many dogs/cats have you owned in the last 5 years?  

Have you ever returned or surrendered a pet to the animal shelter, rescue group, breeder, etc.?                  If yes reason why? 

Do you plan to breed this dog?

Are you a Breeder or have dog breeding experience?  If so please tell us about your breeding program and/or experience.   

Are you financially able to pay for vet care  for a new puppy for vaccines, possible illness or injury that can be quite expensive especially if after hours or weekends?

Veternarian Name, Address, Phone number: 

Additional information you might like to add for consideration: