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 Past Pups

Available Puppies/Dogs:
1 adult Shih tzu 
Shih tzu litter born 6-13-23
Shih tzu pups born 7-5-23
These are our last litters, all of our Shih tzu Mommy's are now retired. I must retire myself due to my health. Thank you for being a part of the Heavensentpups family over the last 15 years. We will miss it dearly but still have many of our retired pets. 

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You will need to fill out our Puppy/dog application for purchase no exceptions.  Email [email protected] for an application. 

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AKC Hootie is a lavender and white male with green eyes who is a proven breeder of many litters for us with pups ranging 5-8 lbs. He carries all colors and dobie.  He is a super sweet loving boy and 3 years old.  Available 2000.00 full AKC to approved breeder. 
Adults Available due my health 
Zumi and Jumanji litter born 6-13-23
2 Girls, 3 boys ready now for new homes. 
Zumi is a lavender girl out of our precious Puddin's line. She is standard size. This is her first litter. Embark tested
Ziva is a small solid lavender girl with green eyes charting around 7-8 lbs. 12 weeks old.  1500.00 pet price, more for full AKC. Available!
Dad Jumanji is white with liver pigment 6 lbs. and carries all colors. Embark tested
Zara is a tiny solid white girl with lavender ears, few small spots with lavender pigment and green eyes charting 6 to 6.5 lbs. 12 weeks old. 1500.00 pet price, more for full AKC. Available! 
Ziggy is a lavender and white boy with green eyes. 650.00 pet price charting 9-10 lbs.  more for full AKC. 12 weeks old. Available! 
Zeke is a cream lavender boy with green eyes. 650.00 pet price, charting 9-10 lbs. more for full AKC. 12 weeks old. Available! 
Zander is a tiny cream boy, with liver pigment but carries lavender, green eyes, charting small 4-5 lbs.  12 weeks old. 1500 pet price, more for full AKC. Available! 
AKC Maia solid chocolate
Hootie is our lavender and white boy, carries all colors and dobie. He can pass these on to his offspring. 
Maia's pups born 7-5-23. We have 2 girls, 1 boy. Ready to go now. These pups are 5th generation of Heavensentpups from Maia: Mom Halo, grandmother Jazzy, great grandmother Gigi. 
Available! Sable Chocolate Girl 1200.00 pet price, more for full AKC. Available! 
Be sure to see our Facebook page for video's of the pups as the grow. New one's posted 7/15/23. https://www.facebook.com/HeavenSentPups